Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Microsoft released new version of Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit

Microsoft released the latest version of Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit (CNTK) for Artificial Intelligence. CNTK stands for Computational Network Toolkit but this name is renamed into Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit. It is used to increase speed of speech and image recognition. In the field of machine learning framework Google Tensorflow is used but now Microsoft releases its beta version (2.0) of CNTK.
The latest version of CNTK is available on GitHub via open source license. In previous version of CNTK code is only written in C++ or C# which is limited for developer but Google Tensorflow allows the developer to write code in Python. Now in CNTK latest version developer can write code in Python and allows developers to use reinforcement learning to train their mind.
CNTK delivers better performance than its previous version and also faster than other Toolkit. This CNTK is used on big datasets across multiple machines.


Code of CNTK is available on GitHub:

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